Joye B. Moore

Joye B. Moore is an advocate for mental health wellness; an artist, singer-songwriter, actress, producer and entertainer who is proud to add “author” to her list with her personal memoir Hopefully Beautiful and is now thrilled to launch Joyebells Sweet Potato Pies.  


I am a thriving survivor of an UN-treated mentally ill mother; and a mental health wellness advocate! My mother suffered from what we now know as Schizophrenia with violent outbursts. My siblings and myself suffered physical and mental abuse from her and sexual abuse from 1 of her three marriages. The abuse became so overwhelming that I ran away from home at 14 years of age and remained homeless until age 17 years old until the end of my senior year of high school. I lived in abandoned houses and ate out of dumpsters in South Dallas, Texas. 


I still went to school everyday and graduated high school on time with a 3.79 GPA! I credit help with staying current academically and graduating high school on time while simultaneously being homeless, to the South Dallas YMCA after-school program where I received a snack everyday after school and thanks to Ms. Tina, who worked at the YMCA for asking me everyday to show and prove my homework. It afforded me the opportunity to graduate high school on-time and thrive, versus becoming a statistic. 


I have taken that opportunity and been fortunate enough to have a wonderfully normal life and pursue many interests. I met my husband at 19 years old and my world changed! I have been married for 36 years. I have raised four children, three of my own and my niece since the age of 2; and now have four grandchildren! Co Wrote and released three independent inspirational albums, created music videos for them and learned the art of social channel management in the process. I have been blessed to have great job opportunities and life experiences that I have learned and grown from, preparing me for Joyebells Sweet Potato Pies today.

2022 Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year

Metropolitan Business League

2022 Rising Star of the Year

National Association of Women Owned Businesses

(NAWBO-Richmond Chapter)

2022-23 NAWBO Board, Marketing Chair

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I am determined to change the historical trajectory of my family and create generational wealth for my grandchildren and generations to come! 


"No matter what things look like or how they feel... KEEP MOVING!💋"

~ Joye B. Moore

I have spent the previous 5 years prior to launching JOYEBELLS in 2019 working communications and development for an OST nonprofit to create equal access to quality out-of-school time expanded learning opportunities for Title 1-Richmond Public Schools middle schoolers after the school bell rings; which is close to my heart. As I shared, I credit an after-school program to staying current academically, while simultaneously being homeless. 


I enjoy volunteering, donating and fundraising during Giving Tuesday for organizations that fit into Joyebells Charities’ four focus areas; Mental Health Wellness, Child Abuse Prevention, Teen Homelessness Prevention and access to safe, quality out-of-school-time expanded-learning opportunities for youth.


I independently wrote and published her personal memoir Hopefully Beautiful; a brave and honest look at life growing up with an untreated mentally ill mother and finding myself homeless as a teen in Dallas Texas. I wrote the memoir to free herself and to be a contribution to removing cultural stigmas around mental health challenges that leave families unsupported; and to disrupt the ‘What happens in this house, stays in this house’ syndrome, a silent spirit-killer of children. 10% of annual sales are donated to Joyebells' Charities. 

Joye began her independent music career after her win at Showtime at the Apollo in 1997. The weekend after that win Project Butterfly: The Cocoon, her debut album was born. Since that memorable night at the Apollo, Joye has co-wrote and co-produced 3 albums, and directed and produced all of her music videos.


Joye has performed in RVA’s music festivals and events like the Richmond Jazz Festival, Friday's At Sunset, RVA East End Festival, Musical Soulfood Festival, TV one, BET, The Word Network and has several songs in rotation on the Gospel Music Channel, Sunshine Anderson Radio and Kirk Franklin Radio. And as an actress, Joye played the role of Mama in 'A Raisin in the Sun' and has had big fun acting in several other local community plays. ​

Moore has been married to her husband Eric for 36 years and is a dedicated mother of three, stepmother of two, grandmother, auntie, sister, and hopefully a good friend.