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No matter what things look like or how they feel...


  Joye B. Moore  Founder/CEO

2022 Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year

Metropolitan Business League

2022 Rising Star of the Year

National Association of Women Owned Businesses

(NAWBO-Richmond Chapter)

2020 Made In Virginia Award

Virginia Living Magazine

Virginia's Finest

Virginia's Finest


Who has time to bake? JOYEBELLS!


JOYEBELLS is home to that mouthwatering, southern, backwoods country deliciousness!


Legacy recipes from Joye B. Moore’s 3rd great grandmother Susan Mae Howell and passed down 6 generations with love!


Making Joye (aka Joyebell) and her family the 6th generation to bake these recipes and the 1st generation to turn these traditions into a business! And… Yes, It’s that Good! 

A thriving survivor of an Un-treated mentally ill mother, Joye is an advocate for mental health wellness. Homeless ages 14 - 17 years old, Joye found herself living in abandoned houses and eating out of dumpsters in South Dallas...  MORE

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JOYEBELLS is regulated by the

Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and the

Virginia Department of Health.

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