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Who has time to bake? JOYEBELLS


JOYEBELLS shares its mouthwatering, southern, backwoods, country deliciousness through legacy recipes from Joye B. Moore's (aka Joyebell) 3rd great grandmother Susan Mae Howell and passed down 6 generations of baking excellence.


JOYEBELLS makes Joye and her family the 6th generation to make these family recipes, and the 1st generation to turn these traditions into a business.


JOYEBELLS saves working families, professionals and busy individuals TIME by providing quality desserts and home meal solutions they want and need for their loved ones. Saving them time for the good stuff… LIFE!


JOYEBELLS manufactures Dessert Pies wholesale trade and eCommerce. Currently retailing nationwide in Sam's Club, Kroger, Costco, Food Lion and QVC .


Our 192,300 followers will attest... Yes, It's THAT Good.


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