Joye B. Moore (aka Joyebell) is founder of Joyebells Sweet Potato Pies, a heavenly North Carolina styled dessert bursting with flavor. A handcrafted recipe handed down 6 generations with love!


A thriving survivor of an Un-treated mental ill mother, Joye is an advocate for mental health wellness. Homeless ages 14 - 17 years old, Joye found herself living in abandoned houses and eating out of dumpsters in South Dallas; so Joye knows first hand the importance of mental health support and resources.


Joye spent the previous 5 years working to create equal access to quality out-of-school time expanded learning opportunities for Title 1-RPS middle schoolers (other little Joyebells) after the school bell rings; which is close to her heart.  Joye credits an after-school program to her staying current academically, while simultaneously being homeless; affording her the opportunity to graduate high school on-time and thrive, versus becoming a statistic. 


In the spring of 2019 the nonprofit Joye worked for restructured and her position was eliminated. Joye saw this as the perfect opportunity to start over; resolve the need to be more flexible as one of the primary caregivers for her adult son with mental-health challenges and go after her long-time dream of having her own business.


Joyebells Sweet Potato Pies make Joye the 6th-generation of women in her family to bake their family’s sweet potato pie and the 1st-generation to turn this family tradition into a business.


Joyebells’ mission is to deliver you an exceptional experience that leaves you feeling like family, like home. Joyebells values family, tradition, enriching the lives of our employees and being great stewards of the Joyebells legacy while giving back to the communities we serve, as we strive to retail across the U.S. making Joyebells accessible to all communities.

Joyebells donates to COVID19 community efforts to relieve hunger and volunteers with the Metropolitan Business League’s ‘Teens Who Mean Business’. Joyebells sits on a mental health wellness nonprofit board and volunteers and donates to nonprofits that create community impact in the focus areas of Joyebells' Charities; a list of nonprofit organizations Joyebells fundraises for during GIVING TUESDAY.

JOYEBELLS seeks to have significant community impact through community advocacy for Mental Health Wellness, Child Abuse Prevention, Teen Homelessness Prevention, the Arts and access to safe, quality expanded-learning opportunities for youth after the school bell rings.



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